Athens Tango Marathon

Athens Tango Marathon is created with a lot of  “meraki”

"Meraki" is a Greek word by doing something with love, passion & a lot of your soul and our meraki is the heart beat of Athens Tango Marathon.
Athens is a European historical city and a great Tango Destination, famous for the advanced level of tango dancers!

Athens Tango Marathon is made by milongueros/as for milongueros/as  who want to dance with great partners, in an homme tango-venue, with well-selected tandas by international star djs.
As always, we try to keep high-level standards with a dream team of International DJs.

Athens Tango Marathon is  the oldest tango event in Greece and considered as one of the best organized international tango marathons in Europe and you are welcome to discover why!

A well-experienced line up of TDJs, many dancers from all over the world and special guests will be among us just to make this marathon dreamy. 

Meet the well known Greek culture and hospitality!

Be part of our wonderful Athens Tango Marathon, where everybody dance with everybody!
Enjoy a lot of priceless fun and much more!

Do not lose time, register yourself, exploit the early-bird prices and book your flight ticket now!

See you on the dance floor! 

Let's share tango with love and respect!

Organized with love by TANGart, reflections of tango

Athens Tango Marathon 11th Edition

The Idea

11th Athens Tango Marathon Idea & Concept

We would like to share with you our idea for this 11th edition of the Athens Tango Marathon. 

The core-idea behind marathons in general, and also our marathon, is to connect the local community with tango-visitors from other countries that share the same passion for tango.

So, we decided this year to try a new concept and to get this idea one more step forward by doing something similar with the DJs.

Our idea for the 11th Athens Tango Marathon is to have couples of DJs (2djs):
One local DJ and one special guest DJ that will share their passion and love for tango during a 6hours DJ set. 

We are sure that you will love this idea because the ”conversation” between two DJs is always interesting and tango teaches us about that when we socialize in the milonga and dance with a person that we don't know but we speak the same “tango language”.
So, this is all a sharing challenge!

It is not a djs battle (as usually is the case). 
On the contrary, it is a djs harmonious coexistence, in the same way that a social tango-couple shares feelings and interaction in one embrace.
In this case, the "embrace" happens in a 6-hour dj set, where two djs will share their love for tango with all of you.  

The choice of DJ couples is based on their tdjing personality in order to guarantee a successful, nice flow of tandas between them. 
All the tdjs selection is based on the personal experience that we have had with them, by listening and dancing to their music!
We never invite tdjs that we haven’t already listened to, as well as discussed with, about their perception of tango and its music.

Athens Tango Marathon 11th Edition


The marathon starts on Friday 6 November (afternoon) and finished on Monday 9 November midnight.

All the marathon's milongas are in ONE venue with wooden floor and excellent sound system.

11th Athens Tango Marathon Program
20:00-02:00 Rui Barroso (Portugal) F & Caliope Peratinou (Greece) F
14:00-20:00 Aurora Fornuto (Italy) F - Athena Ieromnimon (Greece) F
21:00-03:00    Ezequiel "Cacha" Merlo (Argentina) F - Yiannis Dafnis (Greece) F


Also, will be a pre & after marathon milonga.

Pre-Marathon Milonga
Thursday 5th of November Milonga Rayuela

After-Marathon Milonga
Monday 09th November Milonga Querida

Athens Tango Marathon 11th Edition


Koichiro Suzuki

From Pittsburgh / USA

Athena Ieromnimon


Harris Sioufas


Yiannis Dafnis

From Xanthi / Greece

rui barroso

From Lisbon / Portugal



Alejandro Larenas

Theodore Georgedakis


Aurora Fornuto


Ezequiel «el Cacha» Merlo


Early bird discount for Marathon Pass available until *31 of May 2020, book now!


Single/Individual Participants

Couples (price is for 2 persons as a couple)
EARLY BIRD*     €130

Snacks & refreshments during the milongas are included in the prices

During the marathon the bar will be open to serve you with great selection of world-wines and alcohol drinks & beers. 

All the prices include 24% vat & taxes


Image result for tangopolix

Register online through Tangopolix.

Tangopolix manages registrations for Athens Tango Marathon. There, you will be able to select your marathon pass, provide your details and pay securely. You will receive instant confirmation once your payment is accepted.

The registration open 15th of February



All the activities of the Athens Tango Marathon will take place in one venue. 

The venue has wooden floor and 
is at the center of Athens (closed to Acropolis).

Approachable by METRO (red line, Αcropolis Station),  
TRAM (Vouliagmenis Station) and a huge number of local busses.  

Keep in mind that the taxi in Athens is much cheaper in comparison with other European cities 
The address is 4 Nakou str 


Athens Tango Marathon 11th Edition


The Marathon’s Venue is at the most central point of Athens (really closed to Acropolis) and it is easily approachable by the metro station (for more info pls check the Venue section). 

You can find easily a 3 stars hotel or Airbnb next to a metro station at 20€ per night for a double room at or at

But if you are one of them who prefers to be “next to the venue and Acropolis (walking distance) in the below list is the nearest but not the cheapest hotels:

Hotel Byron,

Royal Olympic Hotel, 

Hera Hotel, 

The Athenian Calliroe Exclusive Hotel 

Acropolis Ami Boutique Hotel  

Athens Gate Hotel 

Airotel Parthenon 

Athens Tango Marathon 11th Edition


What is a tango marathon? 
As it sounds it is a long weekend of almost non-stop dancing. 

What is the difference between a marathon and a festival?
Marathons do not have shows or classes. 
They have a smaller number of people - usually balanced in gender or roles, eg: 50% men, 50% women, 50% leaders, 50% followers. 

Who is it for?
In general Tango Marathons are for well experienced dancers who just wish to dance tango with milongueros from other communities. There is usually a limited number of people so there is more space to dance, and in the dancers are from many countries and of a high level.

About Athens Tango Marathon & Participants:
– Number of participants is limited to 140 
– Marathon will be role balanced 50/50.
– A Welcome Programme and info will be at the Registration Desk
– Snacks and refreshments are for free during the Marathon
– Professional photographer will be among us during the Marathon 
– 24/7 Informational support & help from the Organiser's Team
- The online registration is a must! 
- You can NOT reclaim you deposit in case of cancelation. 

Athens Tango Marathon 11th Edition